• About Me

    Co-founder of a new mobile fiction platform – Bound. After over a decade in the game business, I am really excited to be back to storytelling. I am also actively involved in a few other companies as an advisor and sometimes investor.


    I tend to do my own thing.


    I am a Reserved Creator or maybe an Independent Inventor – it’s not clear.


    The best way to contact me is email. Also twitter @mhannus and Instagram @mhannus.

  • Professional History



    Co-founder of mobile fiction startup Bound. Advisor and investor.

    Free-to-Play Pioneer & Founder


    I have spent most of his career in media, tech, and entertainment. I cofounded Sleepy Giant, a game company based in Newport Beach. I served as CEO for over 7 years. We pioneered the concept of “live game operations” and games-as-a-service. During my tenure, we worked with leading companies like Activision Blizzard, Disney, Ubisoft and Zenimax as well as top independent studios like Industrial Toys, Robot Entertainment and Wildworks (SmartBomb Interactive). While there, we built an 8-figure revenue, profitable service and technology business. Sleepy Giant was self-funded and profitable with well over 150 employees for its first 5 years of operation. I left in 2014 and the company became known as adaptiv.io under the leadership of my cofounder David Lee. It was acquired by SWRVE in 2015. Ask me about it sometime. I learned a ton and created a really interesting business.


    Prior to Sleepy Giant, I helped pioneer the ‘free to play’ business model as VP Strategic Growth at K2 Network (acq. by Reloaded Studios). I was also part of the startup leadership team for the first application management platform, M-Code Software (acq. by Novell).


    I have had the opportunity to work on some great gaming titles such as Activision’s Call of Duty, Pokemon Online, Animal Jam, Elder Scrolls Online, Family Guy Online, Company of Heroes Online, Midnight Star, Skylanders, Mu Online, Knight Online, Granada Espada, WarRock, and many others!

    Finance and Consulting


    I started my career on the advisory side working with media, entertainment and technology companies while at KPMG Global Transaction Strategies, First Analysis and Fultonbridge Partners (a middle market merchant bank I cofounded). I worked on over 40 transactions within the media, entertainment and technology space. Clients included BancBoston Capital, CBS, Fidelity, Indian Motorcycle, ITXC, Liberty Group Publishing, McDonald’s, Meredith Corp., Speechworks (Nuance), Tribune, Vance Publishing, Waste Connections, WETA, Wiley, Witness Systems, and Wolters Kluwer.


    Way back when...

    I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Finance. I also cherish a summer boondoggle spent at the University of Hawai’i where I learned to spell Hawaii with an apostrophe. I have some good stories from both experiences.